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Data Cabling & Installation

JP Communication Ltd offers the various types of cables, connectors, and network equipment to establish reliable communication between computers, servers, switches, routers, and other network devices.

The key components of data cabling and installation include:

Cables: Different types of cables are used, such as twisted-pair copper cables (e.g., Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A ) for Ethernet connections and fiber optic cables for high-speed and long-distance data transmission.

Patch Panels: These are mounted on racks and used to organize and terminate the incoming and outgoing cables. They simplify cable management and allow easy reconfiguration.

Racks and Cabinets: Used to house networking equipment, servers, and patch panels, keeping the setup organized and secure.

Switches and Routers: These devices manage data traffic within the network, directing data packets to their intended destinations.

Testing and Certification: After installation, the cabling system is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets industry standards for performance, such as bandwidth and signal quality.